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Constructed Landscape

Mirjana Dragosavljević, Dušica Dražić, Tanja Šljivar
1 May 2021

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The Horror Garden

Gosie Vervloessem
10 April 2021

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A Walk in High Resolution

David Bergé
15 May 2021

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Floris Vanhoof
CANCELED / Saturday, 31 October at 7 PM and 8 PM

In experimental psychology a tachistoscope was used to show visual stimuli to test subjects for a very short time. Because the presentation is so short, the viewer makes relatively many mistakes. Just as this psychological ‘microscope’ examines small-scale details of

The Image Generator III

25 – 26 – 27 September, 2020

Artists: Anastasiya Iardaneska, Bart Lodewijks, Benjamin Vandewalle, Christian Bakalov, Collectief Publiek Geluid, Davide Tidoni, Dilek Winchester, Emma Van Den Broek, Gaëtan Rusquet, Gwendoline Robin, Karl Van Welden, Karolina Freino, Karolina Halatek, Marc Vanrunxt, Pol Matthé, Salomé Mooij, Sarah Smolders, Simon

Depression in Animals

Gernot Wieland
Thursday, 19 December at 21:00

Depression in Animals deals with the construction of human identity determined by the exclusion of the other – namely the animal. Accompanied by projections the lecture examines the relationship between humans and animals and its history of control and power.

FINISSAGE :: A Walk in High Resolution

David Bergé
Sunday, 22 December at 16h

  Join the artist David Bergé and the curator Dušica Dražić on Sunday, 22 December at 16h for a guided walk through the exhibition and a reading from the book “A Walk in High Resolution” to conclude the exhibition. – “Bodies tune down

Ten Slotte 4

19-21 & 27-29 December 2019

  Ten Slotte is a six day audiovisual program at Het Bos in Antwerp. The program of this year questions the (im)moral position of artists. It focuses on works that can be perceived as transgressions and that challenge norms, rules and/or laws. Ten

A Walk in High Resolution

David Bergé
23 November - 22 December 2019

  The power of walking together Dušica Dražić   “Bodies tune down together: moments of intense intimacy through synchronization; a slowed down depiction of the co-presence of the elements one finds in the exterior of urban life.” * The story

It is not red, it is blood.

Branka Benčić and Jelena Jureša
Saturday, 15 September at 6pm

  The talk “It is not red, it is blood” will take us on a journey through Jureša’s practice, proposing to break the silence surrounding traumatic historical events that invisibly connect us. Starting with Mira, Study for a Portrait,  Branka