Davide Tidoni
Saturday, 28.10.2023, from 17:00-17:45
Location: Parking lot in front of the Koning Albert Building, Koning Albertplein 4532, Kessel-Lo

In ATTACK-DECAY a performer walks in space and explores the acoustic qualities of the area surrounding the Koning Albertbuilding by means of an impulse-generator device. Developed in the form of a durational performance interspersed with long silences, the work aims to witness the presence of an acoustics that will disappear together with the demolition of the Koning Albertbuilding.

Technical development by Airborne Instruments.

Davide Tidoni / photo: Michela Di Savino
Davide Tidoni, ATTACK-DECAY / video still
Davide Tidoni, ATTACK-DECAY / video still