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Symptoms of the Future: BRICKS — BASKETS — POTS

Bie Michels
Marjetica Potrč
26 March — 16 May, 2021

Opening: Friday, 26 March, from 16h-22h

What makes it possible for a work of art to live simultaneously in the aesthetic and social worlds? How can we encourage or enhance a “multi-temporality” and cross the line between “common objects” and “artistic objects” without succumbing to the


Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier, Katrin Kamrau, Jianan Qu, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Marthe Koning, Floris Vanhoof, Hollis Frampton
23.10.2020 – extended to 31.01.2021

:: Parallel program during the exhibition :: Sunday, 20 December, from sunrise (08:44) to sunset (16:36) Evelin Brosi & Elvis Bonier, 20 DECEMBER [performance] POSTPONED FOR 2021 / tbaFloris Vanhoof, BRAINWAVE FILM PROJECTOR [audio-visual performance] POSTPONED FOR 2021 / tba

Two Men Standing. Part 3

Minna Henriksson, Johanna Kirsch, Ria Pacquée, Zoran Todorović, Gosie Vervloessem
Opening: 29 February, 2020 / ReOpening: 5 September, 2020

  Try to freeze this image in your mind: two men standing in a landscape. Now sink below the ground. See the sediments of the past. Add layers of culture and all the different interpretations of history and believes. This

Ten Slotte 4

19-21 & 27-29 December 2019

  Ten Slotte is a six day audiovisual program at Het Bos in Antwerp. The program of this year questions the (im)moral position of artists. It focuses on works that can be perceived as transgressions and that challenge norms, rules and/or laws. Ten

A Walk in High Resolution

David Bergé
23 November - 22 December 2019

  The power of walking together Dušica Dražić   “Bodies tune down together: moments of intense intimacy through synchronization; a slowed down depiction of the co-presence of the elements one finds in the exterior of urban life.” * The story


Božena Končić Badurina and Duga Mavrinac, Tomislav Brajnović, Nicole Hewitt with Vida Guzmić and Ivan Slipčević, Ana Hušman, Tonka Maleković
16 May – 30 June, 2019

  BETWEEN THERE AND THERE: THE THIRD PLACE OF BELONGING Written by IPAK – Irena Bekić and Duga Mavrinac The exhibition Between There and There: the Third Place of Belonging is part of the anthropological-artistic research project Between there and there:

Two men standing. Part 2

Awoiska van der Molen, Anna Hofbauer, Ibro Hasanović
2 February – 14 April, 2019

  TWO MEN STANDING. Part 2 Text by Dušica Dražić Try to freeze this image in your mind: two men standing in a landscape. Now sink below the ground. See the sediments of the past. Add layers of culture and

Two men standing. Part 1

Hannes Böck, Goran Micevski, Katleen Vinck
7 April – 1 July, 2018

  At the end of the article The Non-Existence of Norway Slavoj Žižek analyses the flow of refugees from Africa and the Middle East into Western Europe, proposing a global change in which “humankind should get ready to live in a


Jelena Jureša
15 September – 2 December, 2018

  … was no more… Written by Dušica Dražić   On the deathbed, dementia would sporadically allow my grandfather to access two seemingly mundane memories. He remembered swimming with his mother in the Adriatic Sea and a sweater with deer