Floris Vanhoof
CANCELED / Saturday, 31 October at 7 PM and 8 PM

In experimental psychology a tachistoscope was used to show visual stimuli to test subjects for a very short time. Because the presentation is so short, the viewer makes relatively many mistakes. Just as this psychological ‘microscope’ examines small-scale details of mental processes, Vanhoof made his own instrument to literally create a different vision with a converted film projector.

Five electrodes are placed on the artists head measuring his concentration level, in the form of alpha waves. This information is sent via Bluetooth to a circuit that controls the motor of the projector. The projector normally goes at 24 frames per second, when Vanhoof focusses, the projector slows down, when he loses concentration or thinks about sleep, the projector speeds up. While the artist watches his own abstract film, He becomes part of the circuit and a feedback loop is created.

BRAINWAVE PROJECTOR by Floris Vanhoof is part of the parallel program of the exhibition “Lemmas” at OUT OF SIGHT.

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