OUT OF SIGHT was founded in 2018 by artists Dušica Dražić and Wim Janssen. The name OUT OF SIGHT reflects both the physical and metaphorical state of the organisation. The venue is on the fringe of the city of Antwerp, in a residential area outside the inner ring. Metaphorically, OUT OF SIGHT aims to find a potential hidden within what we often perceive as different, marginal or even unwanted.

As a small scale organisation it is easier to stay independent. This allows for a self-critical, flexible and experimental approach. The program is build around international cooperations among artists, curators, researchers and the public at large.

There is room for the ephemeral and the ambiguous. It is a space where the poetic and the political can meet.

Out of Sight team:
Dušica Dražić (direction)
Wim Janssen (direction)
Ratko Rakin (communication)


Current members of the board
Dušica Dražić

Sofie Dederen
Raf Janssen
Eva de Groote

Current members of the board
Sandra Coumans (2019-2024)


OUT OF SIGHT realised projects in partnership with
Extra City (BE)
Werktank (BE)
Igor Zabel Association (SI)
wpZimmer (BE)
Institute of Spatial Design, Faculty of Architecture, TUGraz (AT)
Art Pavilion in Zagreb (HR)
Platform 0090 (BE)

Jap Sam Books (NL)
Escautville (BE)
De Imagerie (BE)
Het Bos (BE)
Atelier Minnoye (BE)
Bazart (BE)
Community Center Casablanca (BE)
Curating the Young (BE)
Diversity & Equal opportunities department Leuven (BE)
Domo (BE)
Fringe (BE)
Het Depot
Mijn Leuven


OUT OF SIGHT received support from:
Flemish Government
The City of Leuven
The City of Antwerp
European Cultural Foundation
the European Union (CREA)
Austrian Cultural Forum Brussels
Polish Institute Brussels
Finnish Cultural Institute for Benelux
dasKULTURforum Antwerp
Republic of Croatia-Ministry of Culture
The City of Zagreb
TRYP by Wyndham


We would like to thank Mane Radmanović who designed our logotype, and visual identity of Symptoms of the Future: Exhibition in the box, and Zomertank 2023: ALL THAT WE HAVE HERE IS ALL THE WE’VE ALWAYS HAD.